Bay of Plenty – Omokoroa


After a lot of mountain driving, we arrived in the flat lands of Bay of Plenty. We enjoyed the Coromondal scenery,  but it was a pleasure of actually being able to drive more than 50km/h.

Omokoroa is where locals come for a holiday and where you won’t meet groups of tourists. As you drive along Omokoroa Road, you can admire the beautiful gardens of the neighbourhoods. There are people selling their fresh harvest on the site of the street which you pay for by putting the money in a honesty box.

At the end of the road there is Omokoroa Beach and Tauranga harbour with its beautiful boats and ferries. There is nothing super glamourous about Omokoroa, but there this rural feel of relaxation and tranquillity what New Zealand is so famous for.

Girl walking her horse in the ocean on a hot summers day
Be aware…the earth is moving in this part of the world.

Where to stay

Omokoroa Kiwi Holiday Park is a very well maintained caravan park with mineral hot pools fed by natural geothermal springs.

We stayed there for two nights and could have easily stayed longer. Conveniently it is located right opposite a supermarket and within walking distance to a superb scooter park.

The kitchen facilities are great and the bathrooms super clean. Everything will be even more amazing if you spent the last five days in a tiny campervan. In fact, it feels like a five star accommodation. The gardens are manicured and the onsite owner will ensure that you are looked after


Entrance to the Omokoroa Kiwi Holiday Park

Make sure you don’t miss out on the hot pools. They are very good for you but only if you stay in there for not more than 30 min at the time.


Hot mineral pools fed by natural thermal springs






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