Top 5 apps for your New Zealand camping trip

Travelling can be a great time to go off screen for a little while. I do like taking a proper travel guide along, but there are a couple of mobile apps that we found very useful on our last family trip to New Zealand.

Rankers (Free)

Rankers is the must have app for any New Zealand holiday. Not only does it tell you where you can find the famous freedom camping spots including reviews of other travellers, it also has free activities listed, petrol stations and free WiFi spots. There is an offline version which you can download before your departure whilst still on your fast and cheap home WiFi.

Spark (Free)

Spark is the dominant mobile phone provider in New Zealand and offers the most comprehensive coverage. Even in remote spots like Stony Bay at the Northern tip of the Coromandel peninsula we had perfect 4G reception. We were on a $29 pm prepaid plan which included 1GB of data and 1GB of data daily on Spark wifi spots which are conveniently located near public telephones. The Spark app has a find free WiFi zones functionality.

PureVPN (Free app, $1.95 per month over three years)

Speaking of WiFi, we do like to have some protection when using public WiFi spots. Some time ago we signed up for PureVPN, which is a VPN service provider that allows you to secure your internet connection. Public WiFi spots can be a place that favours hackers and identity thieves. PureVPN encrypts your connection and protects your data transmissions.

Signing up is really easy and affordable. The cheapest plan is $1.95 per month over a three year period and can be used on up to five independent devices at the same time.

Google maps offline (Free)

Before every holiday we download a free offline map of our holiday destination. It’s a great functionality that still allows you to find your way around in case you are lost and internet is not available or to expensive. Here is a Google support document on how to download offline maps.

MetService (Free)

MetService is the New Zealand metereology forecast. Although the forecast was not always accurate (but honestly where is the weather forecast correct 😊), it was still handy to have the ability to check radar images and weather warnings to adjust our travel plans.

Have you recently travelled in New Zealand? What are your favourite apps?





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