Easy morning and evening routines for primary school kids

For working parents it is usually a struggles to get out of a house with one or several little ones in the morning. Thankfully school starts at 9am here in Australia. Since most kids are up at 7am, because of the early sunrise and noisy birds, it provides a bit of a buffer to have breakfast at home and to get everyone ready.

However, my husband and I are going into a busy last quarter of the calendar year.  So it was time to review our daughter’s morning and evening routine (which we let slip a few months ago). We sat with her together to determine for what she can take responsibility herself. She absolutely loves that as she feels quite empowered when making her own decisions.

Our daughter always had some sort of morning and evening routine. We started them when she was around four years old and initially it was a set of pictures describing the items that she had to do (i.e a colourful tooth brush for brushing teeth). Last year we added words, as she was learning to read and write in school. With the latest version we have added the German translations to help with the second language that we are speaking at home.

The routine charts are numbered which makes it easy for her to follow. They still have pictures to provide a visual aid and to have some fun. 

TV time in 20min blocks can be earned as a reward for completing the routine. This is a big attraction as she can accumulate it for the weekend. 

What are your tricks and tips for getting your kids out of the house (and into bed)?

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