How to Stop Worrying and Start Living – Rule #26

As an exercise I will post each day one of Dale Carnegie’s How to Stop Worrying and Start Living rules. This book was written in the 30s and is still of great popularity. The book offers a set of practical formulas to help overcome worry which are said to last a lifetime.

Hope you’ll enjoy it and get some worry less enlightenment.

Rule #26 To prevent worry and fatigue, put enthusiasm into your work.

We rarely get tired when we are doing something interesting and exciting. Think of the endless nights of dancing salsa or whatever passion you are truly following with your heart. Mental work is unlikely to cause physical exhaustion. Our fatigue is often caused by worry, frustration and resentment.

  • “Do your work as if you actually really enjoy it!” After all this is what you are being paid a salary for. In a lot of cases it’s a salary that would be envied by the majority of human beings in this world.
  • Practice the habit of “as if”…as if you are happy to do the work, as if you are interested in the role, as if it is a big adventure.
  • Act as if it is interesting. If you truly have a boring job (or think you have a boring job), decide to make it interesting.
  • Talk to yourself and direct yourself to think thoughts of courage and happiness. Talk about the things to be grateful for.

Look at the bigger picture and new doors may open up.

“Our life is what our thoughts make it.”




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