How to Stop Worrying and Start Living – Rule #24

As an exercise I will post each day one of Dale Carnegie’s How to Stop Worrying and Start Living rules. This book was written in the 30s and is still of great popularity. The book offers a set of practical formulas to help overcome worry which are said to last a lifetime.

Hope you’ll enjoy it and get some worry less enlightenment.

Rule #24 Learn to relax at home to avoid fatigue and to keep looking young.

  1. If you have an emotional worry, find someone (i.e. a friend, priest, counsellor) to talk through it. Just talking through it will help you to see a different perspective and may already present a solution.
  2. Lie flat on the floor whenever you are tired and stretch as tall as you can. A hard wooden floor is better than a comfy bed as it provides more resistance. Do this twice a day!
  3. Close your eyes and meditate as per rule# 22. Do this various times a day for a minute.
  4. Quiet your nerves with slow, steady breathing. Breath from deep down.
  5. Think of the wrinkles and frowns on your face and smooth them out. Loosen up the worry-ceases you feel between your brows, and at the sides of your mouth. Do this twice a day and you may not need that beauty clinic!


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