How to Stop Worrying and Start Living – Rule #23

As an exercise I will post each day one of Dale Carnegie’s How to Stop Worrying and Start Living rules. This book was written in the 30s and is still of great popularity. The book offers a set of practical formulas to help overcome worry which are said to last a lifetime.

Hope you’ll enjoy it and get some worry less enlightenment.

Rule #23 Take frequent rest to avoid fatigue and worry.

Hard work by itself seldom causes fatigue which can’t be cured by a good sleep. Worry, tenseness, and emotional upsets are three of the biggest causes of fatigue. A tense muscle is a working muscle. Relax! Learn to relax while you are doing your work. Save energy for important duties.

  1. Relax in odd moments (i.e. when sitting on the commuter train into work). Let your body go limp like an old sock.
  2. Work as much as possible in a comfortable position. Tension in the body causes aching shoulders and nervous fatigue.
  3. Check yourself four or five times a day using the method introduced in rule #22.
  4. Test yourself at the end of the day. “How tired am I? When I feel particularly tired at the end of the day, or when irritability proves that my nerves are tired, I know beyond question that it has been an inefficient day in both quantity and quality.”



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