Gold Coast Halfmarathon 2017

What an awesome weekend at #GCAM 2017! My training plan and the revision  worked out well and I ran my second halfmarathon in under 2 hours.  I am stoked!

Over the weekend there were 26,000 runners around and about 9,000 half marathoners on the track on Sunday morning at 6am. As in previous years it was a great event with friendly people, awesome pace runners, lot’s of kiwis, well organized and the best sunrise of the year. (It is winter in the Southern hemisphere. You actually do start running at 6am when it is still dark.)

Where to stay? We had a lovely 2 bedroom appartment at Breakers North in Broadbeach. It is beachfront with a tennis court, pool, spa and sauna.

The walk to G-tram is 800m and from there it takes about 15min to get to the start line. Because it is one of the first stops, it is still possible to get a spot on the tram at 5am on race day. Last year we stayed closer to the start line. However, it was also one of the later stops and we ended up having to wait for 30min watching four fully packed trams go by. Not very pleasant at 5am in 10 degree! We enjoyed Breakers North and we will stay there again.

Where to brunch? Elk Espresso is on 16 Chelsea Avenue and just around the corner from Breakers North. It is an excellent place serving coffee, breakfast and lunch in a relaxed atmosphere. We enjoyed the Wagyu Burger after the race.

Where to lunch? We went for lunch with friends to BMD Norhtcliffe. It’s a surf club that servers typical Australian club food and drinks at an affordable price. The best thing are the views as it is located overlooking the beach.

What will I do different next year? Overall I am really happy with my training plan. It has given me the results I wanted which is finishing the race without injuries and with fun in under 2 hours. The long training runs in the lead up to the event proved to be challenging and lonely at times. Even though I had my family around me attending markets or checking out playgrounds whilst I was on the track. So for next year I am planning to join one of the running clubs for the long distance runs. It is much more fun doing a 10km+ run with someone else 🙂

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