Gold Coast halfmarathon training plan

As a family we really enjoy exercising and staying fit. Each year we plan to do a major sporting event that requires some training. For me it’s been the Gold Coast halfmarathon (21.1km) for the past 8 years. It is held as part of the Gold Coast marathon festival on the first July weekend of each year. There are various events on offer from the kids 2km run to the full marathon (41.2km). It’s a wonderful event with 27,000 runners from various countries all around the world. 

My favourite event is the half- marathon for a number of reasons:

  • It’s the flattest long distance running course in Australia.
  • You start running at 6am in the dark. There is something magical about the whole family getting out of bed at 5am to catch the light rail train to the starting line. I am sure my daughter will always remember these chilly early winter mornings.
  • Whilst you run along the coast the sun will rise out of the ocean….total bliss.
  • There is people cheering along the whole running track.
  • If you run standard pace like me, then you are finished by 8am. You can enjoy breakfast and have another beautiful day ahead of you.
  • It is a very well organised family event. Despite the crowds it always feels relaxed and safe.
  • Gold Coast beaches are just stunning. You can turn the event into a family weekend away or mini holiday.

This year I am not running for a particular time. If I can beat last year’s time that would be great but my main goal is arrive without any injuries at the finish line. 

I learnt a few lessons from last year’s halfmarathon. For example did I start running to fast and hence after the 10km mark my knees were really sore. As a result this year I will incorporate a weekly fast 5km run and a timed hill climb. There is a steep hill behind our house which I will use for training. Hopefully I won’t get too bored:-)

Here is my training plan:

Have you run a halfmarathon before? Are you planning to run one in the coming months? What is your training plan?


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