How to create awesome designs with Canva

My husband and I recently published our first iPhone app in the Apple store.  I initially used plain screenshots for the store description which did not look very appealing and neither did they really explain the function of the app.

One of the recommendations was to use a free graphic tool website and app called Canva.  It is very simple to use and allows people of any skillset to create compelling designs.  Canva uses easy drag-and-drop interfaces and has a library of over a million of graphics and photos. There are also tutorials to help you improve your design ability.

Canva was founded in 2012 by a university student in Sydney, Australia which makes it even more exciting to use. Australian innovation and entrepreneurship at its best.

Here is my first design with Canva which took me less than 30min to create. What do you think?

Organize your photos on the go into more photo mess!

For some basic instructions on how to use Canva to create app screenshots you can watch this video here.



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