Fingal Head get away

Every now and then when we feel run down or the mid term slump hits us, we like to get away on a mini holiday to the beach.

                                                                                    One of our favorite beach spots is Fingal Head, a small coastal town just on the border of QLD and NSW on the East Coast of Australia . It’s a magical and undiscovered spot, the total opposite to the busy Gold Coast which stretches to its North. There are a few single storey holiday homes, a trading post for essentials, a restaurant that doesn’t open for breakfast until 9am and a few walking trails (suitable for little kids). We love that there is very little noise besides the crashing of the waves and kids can run around freely without to much of a concern…just what a stressed city soul needs to relax.

Where to stay?

We usually stay at the Fingal holiday park right on the beach. This weekend it is raining so we are staying in one of the Cook cabins. They are comfortable with a front porch and can sleep up to five people with a three storey bunk bed for the kids.

What can you do?

Beach. Visit the beach during the day to chill in the shade of the trees in the sand dunes or at night where you can watch the fisherman catch some fish. Especially beautiful when it’s full moon.

Run. Go for a morning run along the beach to the spit and come back via Letitia Road. There is also a great run along Tweed River.

Hike. Take a hike to the lighthouse and enjoy the sunset. The walking tracks are suitable for little climbers and definitely appropriate for pre-schoolers. I love standing at the top of the headland and watching the waves crash against the rocks. I feel so alive up there.


Eat. There is only one restaurant in this little township. The Sheoak Shack Gallery Cafe is worth a visit. Besides the friendly staff, delicious food and relaxed atmosphere there is also live music every Saturday.

Surf. Hit the waves at the local surf life club which now has limited service times. If you are not into surfing, give body-boarding a go.

Byron Bay.  If you are staying longer or get bored of listening to the ocean in Fingal Head, you can go for a one hour drive to Byron Bay, a quaint coastal town with an alternative character.

Fingal Head is a magical spot and after every visit I feel like reborn again.



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