Mid-term slump and how to overcome it

Here in Australia we are halfway through the 1st school term and my family can clearly feel it…the mid-term slump has gotten onto us.

My husband and I are super busy with work and a new business that we are about to launch. My daughter is doing great in school and occupied with plenty of after school sports. So with all this activity and high energy we can slowly feel the exhaustion creeping up. We are tired in the mornings and my daughter is cranky in the afternoons.Stress levels are on the rise and overall the family mood is out of balance.

So here are some ideas on how to overcome the mid-term slump:

  • Healthy food. Ensure everyone in the family is on a healthy diet that includes sufficient fruit and vegetables, and hydration. Eating to many unhealthy foods will make you feel out of balance and sluggish.
  • Sleep. Make sure everyone gets the sufficient amount of sleep during the night and plan some lunchtime rest during the weekend. Nothing worse than overtired kids and parents.
  • Move. Don’t forget to stick to your exercise routine. Whereas kids usually tend to get sufficient activity, it is usually the parents that forget about themselves. Walking running, yoga…whatever works for you.
  • Stay home. Schedule one weekend at home without any major outings to catch up on any procrastinated tasks. There is nothing worse than being reminded of this uncompleted task that is lingering around. Take turns with your partner to take the kids out of the house into the park so that you can work uninterrupted. Finish off the weekend with a family movie night (and pizza with ice cream) to celebrate what you have completed and how well your family members supported you.
  • Date night. Book a babysitter and go out with your partner for a date night or for something totally different like a salsa dancing class. Do something out of your normal routine that just totally changes your brain waves. It will make you feel refreshed instantly. Plus it will be good to have a chat without being interrupted constantly by kids.
  • Vacation. If you can, plan a mini holiday or weekend away as a little treat for all the hard work that everyone is putting in. I like to book this well in advance so that everyone can count down to the break. There is nothing more refreshing than a trip away. It will make the last weeks until the school holidays go so much faster.
  • Beach. Go to the beach for a day or afternoon. This is one of the best instant relaxation tricks in my family. Luckily we are surrounded by some of the world’s best beaches and good weather all year around. A play on the beach whilst taking in some vitamin D will make you feel like reborn again. I always found that my daughter is super chilled after a day on the beach and play in the sand. There is just something magical about kids and unstructured play in nature.
  • Visit nature. If you don’t live close to the beach, go to the mountains or nearest national park. Nature is one of best natural stress relievers.

Is your family prone to mid-term slumps? What are your tricks to overcome them? I look forward to your ideas. Thanks for reading and sharing.

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