The family calendar at a tap

***Note, this article is applicable to iPhone users. If you own a different phone and are interested in a family calendar, please contact us so that we can test a possible solution with you.***

Play dates, birthday parties, doctor appointments, gym time, band practice…for a lot of busy families this sounds like pretty standard week. Perhaps you have gone that far and established a calendar on your wall at home or your fridge is full of sticky notes. But wouldn’t it be handy to have all the information available on your mobile phone or tablet at any given point in time?

In my professional life my Outlook calendar is my life. It contains not only meetings, but also reminders, follow ups and to do tasks. Without a proper calendar application (as in not Gmail web calendar) my productivity is reduced by half and my stress level doubled.

So my wonderful husband came up with this idea of a shared family calendar using the icloud service that comes with our iOS devices. You can share this calendar with all your family members that have an iOS device. Whenever one of you adds an event, it will automatically synchronize to all your connected iOS gadgets.

This is what a typical week looks like in our family calendar.

We have established a few ground rules to avoid confusion:

  • Use the initial letter of the responsible person for the calendar activity.
  • Populate the address line with address, direction or public transport details.
  • Use the repeat function of the calendar entry for periodical recurring events. Make sure to set an end date.
  • Populate the URL and Notes line with information on this event.

Instructions how to set up a family calendar can be found here on the Apply support website. It is very simple to install and just works like magic. We are using the family calendar on both of our two iPhones and the family iPad. So, whenever one of us enters an event on one of the devices, it will instantly synchronize the calendar on the other devices whenever it is connected to the internet.

The family calendar has truly transformed our busy life to a better. Gone are the days of paper notes on the fridge and an upset husband because I planned out the whole weekend without letting him know.

Give it a try and simplify your busy family life!





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