To do list for moving overseas with a 3.5 year old for one year

In 2014 we embarked on a family adventure…my husband took unpaid leave and we all moved to Europe for one year. Our daughter was 3.5 years when we departed.

Most of our friends thought it was pretty cool and a few of them have taken a similar step themselves since then. We had a few requests on what our to do list looked like before we departed.

I used Microsoft Excel to list each activity and the final due date. I used a simple average % complete calculation in Microsoft Excel assuming that each task was of equal value.

So, here it is…

Due by Completed?
Request career break Mar-14 100%
Fix items that may need maintenance over the coming 18 months Apr-14 100%
Photoshoot of house and create text for advertising Apr-14 100%
Start advertising furnished home on university websites and other online forums Apr-14 100%
Book flights and accomodation Apr-14 100%
Touch base with European contacts for referrals Apr-14 100%
Inform all family members Apr-14 100%
Garage sale 1 Apr-14 100%
Sell car 1 May-14 100%
Buy one or two additional new large suitcases Jun-14 100%
Get house ready for renting (last renovations) Jun-14 100%
Start to find temp longterm accomodation Europe Aug-14 100%
Contact recruiters in Europe (8 weeks prior to arrival) Jun-14 100%
Move breakable items into storage Jun-14 100%
Garage sale 2 or gumtree Jun-14 100%
Decide on storage company 1-Jul-14 100%
Start packing and moving first items into storage  2-Jul-14 100%
Appoint property manager 5-Jul-14 100%
Decide on tennants and sign rental agreement 1-Aug-14 100%
Pause private health insurance 10-Aug-14 100%
Sell car 2 12-Aug-14 100%
Safe storage of important documents (birth certificates etc) 12-Aug-14 100%
Vacate family home :
– Cancel internet
– Advise electoral register
– Move all mobiles to prepaid with a 1 year expiry
– Create house manual for tennants
– Scan all warranty documents
– Bond clean inside and outside
– Window cleaning
– Duplicate keys
– Property manager handover
12-Aug-14 100%
Fly out and enjoy! 14-Aug-14 100%
TOTAL 100%

This may look overwhelming initially. My husband really loved it as he always could see how much we still had left to do.

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